Guitar Chords

Blank Chord Sheet
Get creative and make up your own chords

Open Major and Minor Chords
Chords every guitarist should know

Open 6th Chords
Cheesey major 6ths and sinister minor 6ths




Open sus2, sus4 and 5th chords
Great for pop and rock

7ths - open chords
Blues and jazz... onwards....

Moveable major and minor chords
Useful for learning just about any song

Augmented and Diminshed shapes
For slightly more unusual guitar parts

How about moveable 6th chords?
Sweet sounding major 6ths and mean minor 6ths

Learn moveable 7th chords
For blues and jazz in any key

Guitar chords - moveable sus2, sus4 and 5ths
Some staple chords
fit for any guitarist's chordal diet

Moveable 9th and 11th chords
We're getting pretty jazzy hear (no pun intended)

Moveable 13th diminished 7th and m7b5 chords
Truly jazzy chords, nice!...